Why did my doctor order a breast ultrasound?

There are various reasons why a doctor could want a breast ultrasound. The following are some typical scenarios where a breast ultrasound may be suggested:

1. Evaluation of breast lumps or abnormalities:

If a patient feels a lump or observes an odd change in their breast during a physical examination, a doctor may advise a breast ultrasound. The doctor will be able to identify the kind of lump that has been identified thanks to this. Ultrasound can assist differentiate between a cyst filled with fluid and a solid tumour, such as a fibroadenoma or suspicious cancer.

2. Screening for breast cancer:

Breast ultrasounds is used as breast cancer screening technique, in addition to mammography. For instance, ultrasonography can help provide additional evaluation in women with thick breast tissue, which may make mammography interpretation problematic.

3. Assessing breast pain or tenderness:

A breast ultrasound may be advised by a doctor if a patient complains of breast pain or tenderness in order to determine the underlying cause. Any cysts, infections, or other abnormalities that may be the source of the symptoms can be found using ultrasound.

4. For assessment of nipple discharge:

Nipple discharge can be watery, white or green coloured , Breast Ultrasound is advised for the evaluation of the nipple areola region and underlying ducts.

5. Monitoring known breast conditions:

Women who have had certain breast disorders, like fibroadenomas or benign cysts, may get routine breast ultrasounds to keep track of any changes and make sure no alarming developments have occurred.

6. Using ultrasound to guide breast biopsy processes:

When a worrying area in the breast is discovered, a clinician may choose to utilise ultrasound to guide breast biopsy treatments. It is necessary to collect a sample of the tissue in order to determine if it is benign or cancerous.

It’s important to keep in mind that breast ultrasound may be combined with other imaging tests like mammography or MRI depending on the circumstances and the doctor’s report. The choice of imaging modalities depends on the patient’s age, medical history, current symptoms, and suspected disease.

Who can do breast ultrasound Scan?

Breast ultrasounds are typically performed by Radiologists who specialize in medical imaging,

Radiologists: Radiologists are physicians who specialize in interpreting medical images, including ultrasound scans. They are trained to recognize and interpret abnormalities or findings in breast ultrasound images. The radiologist will analyse the ultrasound images and provide a report to your doctor, who will then discuss the results with you and recommend any necessary follow-up or treatment.

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